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Launching Rising Tide 

Rising Tide Benefits is a new program powered by parent company Clearwater Health to offer health insurance benefits for the cannabis industry. This market is currently underserved in healthcare, providing an opportunity to ensure that thousands of Independent workers and small business owners have access to health insurance benefits. 

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Logo and Branding 

Rising Tide branding and logo were created as a white label partnership with parent company Clearwater to separate the brand specifically for the cannabis industry. The final logo has co branded logo with Clearwater as all post enrollment materials (Insurance cards, company communications etc) will all be Clearwater branded. 

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Content Creation 

In alignment with Clearwater plan details, bespoke Rising Tide materials were created to align with the Cannabis Industry including all plan documents, paid ads, social media sites and content as well as physical collateral for events. 

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Advertising Partnership 

We partnered with Cannabis Talk 101, an iHeart Radio podcast with over 4M subscribers. The CT101 podcast is a B2B podcast focused on education and promotion for all aspects of cannabis cultivation, production, processing and CPG brands. We are the Exclusive Trusted Insurance Partner for CT101 Finical Fridays which includes podcast ads, interviews and event partnerships



Launch Event

Rising Tide officially launched at the MJ Biz Con trade show in partnership with the Cannabis Talk 101 team. Rising Tide was also an official after party sponsor for the Budz and Biz Social soiree hosted by the CT 101 team. We filmed a live podcast episode with the Clearwater CEO which was noted to be the best episode filmed during the event. 



Business Development

As Rising Tide lifts off, business development efforts include a continued partnership with Cannabis Talk 101 and our exclusive partnership for the Financial Friday show hosted by the "Inside Investor" Tony Kassai. There will be a focus on building B2B relationships through the partnership as well as event sponsorship and attendance. 

Lead generation through tradeshows, conferences and paid social advertising will be ramped up in additional to lead generation through traditional sales techniques. 

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