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Feniex Industries

Feniex Industries is a leading manufacturer of emergency vehicle lighting and siren systems. The company created a new product: the 4200 Mini Controller. This compact and versatile controller is designed to control the lighting and siren functions on emergency and off-road vehicles, making it a valuable addition to the company's product line. I led the marketing team handling all aspects of this launch. 

Identify The Product and Target Market

To develop the 4200 Mini Controller, we conducted extensive market research to understand the needs of the target markets: emergency services departments and off-road enthusiasts. Through surveys and interviews with dealers and emergency services personnel, we identified a need for a compact, easy-to-use controller that could be installed in tight spaces and for vehicles that don't need a large amount of settings and functions. 

Create a Prototype 

A prototype was created and the 4200 Mini Controller was then tested by Feniex dealers, select emergency services personnel and off-road enthusiasts to ensure that it met their needs and to identify any potential issues. The feedback from the testers was overwhelmingly positive, and the product was deemed ready for launch.

Develop a Marketing Plan

We developed a marketing plan for the 4200 Mini Controller primarily targeting emergency services departments and the amber market, focused on promoting the product's compact size and ease of use.  For the secondary market of off-road enthusiasts, the mini controller represented a new innovation for a rapidly growing segment. The plan included creating a new series of videos called The Feniex Academy as well as advertising, social media marketing, dealer training attending off-road events and trade shows.

Launch the product 

Our team created all collateral for launch including installation guides, marketing and educational videos, and advertising content. The 4200 was launched nationally and became a popular choice for emergency services departments, especially for use on motorbikes. The off road market loved the controller as the compact size and features are perfect for their vehicles. Sales of the product were strong, and customer feedback was positive, with many praising the product's compact size and ease of use.

Monitor Performance

We requested and monitored feedback from our dealers, emergency services departments and off-road partners who had tested the product. Some small changes on functionality were made from this feedback. 

The 4200 Mini Controller has become a key product in Feniex Industries' product line and continues to be a popular choice among both emergency and warning services departments and the off-road market. 

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