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LifeToGo Brand Strategy

LifeToGo is a curated health and wellness marketplace that specializes in working with small brands that make a big impact, as well as creating their own branded products in the wellness space. During the pandemic, LifeToGo created and sold PPE, including masks and sanitizers, then later pivoted to launch a line of gummy vitamin supplements and drink mixes. I led the marketing both in terms of brand strategy and marketing operations. 

Identify The Target Market

To ensure the success of the launch, we conducted extensive market research including using YouGov, an online market research platform. We also conducted market research using focus groups, surveying a diverse group of individuals to gather information about consumer preferences, needs, and perceptions of health and wellness products, and gummy vitamin supplements. 

Consumer Research

Based on this research, we determined the primary target market to be older millennial females with children. This market segment is the key driver and decision maker for the majority of household purchases for themselves as well as for their partners and children. The secondary markets include younger millennials, many of whom will also expand their families in the coming years. The tertiary market is Gen X females that are health conscious. 

Key Messaging

The team created many iterations of key messaging based on the target markets values and needs. Main messaging was tested for market resonance and updated based on performance.

Build & Curate

Our team created a marketing strategy that included growing each of LifeToGo's categories to include a wider array of products, from smart snacking, to sustainable beauty, to home essentials. The plan looked to increase the number of brands in each category as well as creating our own products in the vitamin and supplement space. We developed a partnership with Sampler, an online sampling company,  to promote partner brands products and grow the email database, which increased sales over 25%.  

Develop New Products

Market research revealed that there was a high demand for gummy vitamin supplements and drinks that were easy to consume and tasty. Additionally, the research found that there was a strong desire for supplements that could support immunity and overall health.

From this research a line of immunity drink powders and gummy vitamins were created. Drink formulas included: Immunity +, Immunity + Energy, Immunity + Calm. Gummy supplement formulas included: Apple Cider Vinegar, Immunity Plus Echinacea, and Black Elderberry. 


LifeToGo's products and brand partner's were promoted primarily through print and digital advertising within the Accelerate360 media network which includes titles; Us Weekly, Closer, Men's Journal Life & Style and InTouch and more. Social media and influencer marketing were the secondary sales channels, alongside trade shows and events.

LifeToGo gummies were launched at the Natural Products Expo alongside a myriad of health and wellness brands that are on the LifeToGo Marketplace. 

LTG x MHC collab.JPG

Give Back 

LifeToGo partnered with The Mental Health Coalition to donate back a % of sales on all gummy supplements. The Mental Health Coaltion is an organization of brands, and individuals, who have joined forces to end the stigma surrounding mental health and to change the way people talk about, and care for, mental illness. Through our partnership we funded the Roadmap to Self-Care created by the MHC team. 

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